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"Let the breeze and hot sun caress your unblemished skin. Let the foibles of your desires pour like thick cream over your souls." - from Eddy and Julia

Leuven, Belgium, home to the world's largest open-air caf , is the stage for this tale of comradery, redemption, and true love. It's a stage filled with a motley array of colorful characters whose lives collide at just the right time, in just the right way, for each of them to emerge profoundly transformed.

James Westwood, affectionately called Eddy, is a millionaire with a secret. His cheerful smile, easygoing manner, and a propensity for lavishing money on friends hides a past that won't let go. On extended holiday from running his father's brewery, he's come to Belgium to stare fate in the eyes and find the courage to beat it.

Harry, a drifting socialite, envies him. Derek, a brilliant artist with a drinking problem, needs him. Elle, the free-spirited wife of a friend, desires him. And then there's Julia, a witty, wistful Italian student who bursts into his life like a cyclone.

From the moment Eddy sets eyes on her, he's forever changed. And she, like Eddy, has a secret she's hiding - one that blows up just when she, and their newfound love, can least afford it.

In a nod to The Great Gatsby, reminiscent of the existentialist writers of the 60's, Eddy and Julia is a poignant drama filled with complex, colorful characters celebrating the unpredictable and timeless facets of the human spirit.

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ISBN: 9780578624518
ISBN-10: 0578624516
Publisher: Sugar Loaf Press
Publication Date: July 1st, 2020
Pages: 228
Language: English