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"Leaving navigates the chasm between responsibility and desire when two long-lost lovers reconnect. This beautiful book will sweep you away." —People Magazine

What risks would you be willing to take to fall in love again?

“I never thought I’d see you here,” Sarah says. Then she adds, “But I never thought I’d see you anywhere.”

Sarah and Warren’s college love story ended in a single moment. Decades later, when a chance meeting brings them together, a passion ignites threatening the foundations of their lives. Since they parted in college, each has married, raised a family, and made a career. When they meet again, Sarah is divorced and living outside New York, while Warren is still married and living in Boston.

Seeing Warren sparks an awakening in Sarah, who feels emotionally alive for the first time in decades. Still, she hesitates to reclaim a chance at love after her painful divorce and years of framing her life around her children and her work. Warren has no such reservations: he wants to leave his marriage but fears how his wife and daughter will react. As their affair intensifies, Sarah and Warren must confront the moral responsibilities of their love for their families and each other.

An engrossing exploration of the vows we make to one another, the tensile relationships between parents and their children, and what we owe to others and ourselves, “Leaving is a tour de force—unfailingly clear-eyed, and its final impact shatters." (Washington Post)

About the Author

Roxana Robinson is the award-winning author of six novels and three short story collections. Her fiction has appeared in The New Yorker, Atlantic, Harper’s, and other publications. She lives in New York City and Connecticut, spends as much time as she can in Maine, and teaches in the MFA program at Hunter College.

Praise For…

A study of the complex joy and pain of late-life love, Leaving is a tour de force and arguably Robinson's finest work yet. Robinson’s writing—unfailingly clear-eyed, packed with psychological insights—compels readers to care passionately about the characaters. Leaving stands as a wondrous feat, and its final impact shatters.

— Joan Frank - Washington Post

This lithe novel engrosses. Robinson’s storytelling is classic, page after page of swiftly moving scenes and writing as precise as rows of tilled earth. Robinson proves that writers can still evoke the silences and renunciations that thwart desire, and that stars still cross. The ending is a bombshell, eminently discussable.
— Amity Gaige - New York Times

An operatic tragedy about passion and honor…poised to fuel many a book group discussion.
— Heller McAlpin - NPR

An impassioned portrayal of desire and loyalty, of romantic love and family duty, and an exploration into what we owe to each other—and to ourselves.
— Oprah Daily

Leaving navigates the chasm between responsibility and desire when two long-lost lovers reconnect. This beautiful book will sweep you away.

— People Magazine

Leavingis full of insights about the ambiguities, demands, and mysteries attached to passion, love, and commitment.

— Glenn C. Altschuler - Psychology Today

With searing perception and genuine empathy, Robinson…captures the fraught nuances of complicated family dynamics, treating the spurned-lover trope with gentleness and compassion.
— Carol Haggas - Booklist (starred review)

Leaving is as absorbing as it is haunting, powered by Roxana Robinson’s deep understanding of ambiguities, allegiances, and the lengths people must sometimes go to navigate them.

— Meg Wolitzer, author of The Female Persuasion

What does love demand of us, and who must pay the price? Leaving is a searing interrogation of honor and passion. It dissects the hidden cost of the choices we make, and the consequences with which we must endeavor to live.

— Geraldine Brooks, author of Horse

Leaving is a passionate portrait of marriages, of parenthood (early and late), and the tectonic shifts of family life. Roxana Robinson brings her wit, her beautiful sentences, and her compassionate clarity to this book about the price of love and the enduring need for it.

— Amy Bloom, author of In Love

A remarkable novel—a quietly expansive story, in which elements of love and family coalesce and escalate into tragedy. Leaving has a plot in which surprises abound, as broken conventions lead to menace and threat. A triumph of a book.

— Joan Silber, author of Secrets of Happiness

If to the combustible elements of passion, honor, love, and art, you add the complexities of modern parenting, you get the conflagration that is Leaving. Compelling, heart-stopping, and all too believable, this is a marvelous read.

— Gish Jen, author of The Resisters

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